Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine

Study Health Sciences in one of the qualifications that was most sought after by employers in 2017-2018. Help change the future, contributing to scientific breakthroughs that improve human health, and prevent and tackle disease.

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Start September
Length 4 años
Campus Villanueva de la Cañada
Credits: 240 ECTS

A programme committed to maximising your employability in the job market

The objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine (Biomedical Sciences) is to provide a study programme that will give you a thorough knowledge of Basic Sciences and Life Sciences. 100% of our lecturers are doctors, giving you access to the latest developments in the sector. You will receive 10% of your training in English, enabling you to acquire the skills you need to develop your career overseas.


Information about the Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences

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UAX Clinical Veterinary Hospital

A unique centre, which boasts the most advanced technology in Europe for the successful development of veterinary activity. Find out more

Granja Experimental

8 hectáreas en las que realizar prácticas agropecuarias y de producción animal y adquirir la experiencia clínica del sector necesaria. Find out more

Laboratorios de investigación

Infraestructuras especiales en las que contarás con las herramientas y materiales necesarios para desarrollar tu carrera. Find out more

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Train with the best professionals

Fernando Vázquez

Veterinary Dean

Our model creates comprehensive veterinarians who are adapted to the challenges of today’s society

Beatriz Peralta

Dental Coordinator

Our students receive up-to-date training and skills for their career development

Miguel Losada

Professor of Physiotherapy

We train professionals who are adaptable to the clinical and scientific reality of physiotherapy

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Companies where our students carry out internships

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At UAX, we offer you options to expand your horizons

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At UAX, we offer you options to expand your horizons

Prácticas extracurriculares

Movilidad internacional

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