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Your journey towards career success starts now. We guide you through the entire admission process to ensure you study what you are most passionate about, surrounded by the best professionals.

Admission process

You are only one step away from becoming a UAX student. To help you, we have created an admission process tailored to you and your needs. Because our goal is to help you reach your full potential and focus on what is really important, your professional future. 

Throughout the process, our advisers will guide you to complete all the steps, bringing you closer to living a unique UAX experience: you will choose the path that best fits your interests, complete the entrance tests and be ready to enrol.

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Get guidance from an advisor

A professional from our university will offer guidance and help you select the path that aligns best with your interests.

Complete your admission process

Apply for admission to our university and take an admission test, either in person or online, whichever suits you best!


We recognise your potential and believe you have the right skills to thrive as a UAX student. Now, proceed with the necessary formalities—reserve your spot!


Enrol in your courses, meet the deadlines and follow the payment procedures to secure your place and fulfil the legal admission requirements.


You’re now part of UAX! Prepare to embark on a unique educational journey where you’ll take centre stage. Welcome to your university!

Entrance test

Throughout this new experience, we are here to help bring out the best in you. During testing, we will assess your capabilities to build a customised plan, which we will use throughout the qualification to enhance your professional and personal development. This will be rounded off with the comprehensive support of teachers, tutors and a psycho-pedagogical team to help you achieve professional success. Some of the tests you may take:

  • Personal skills and psycho-technical tests. 
  • English test, depending on the qualification. For the Degree in Translation and Interpretation, the English test will be selective. 

Foreign students from a non-Spanish speaking country will take a Spanish language test during their admission process. 

For the Degree in Physical and Sport Science, we also carry out a functional, non-selective assessment. Upon completion of the test, we provide a customised report on the student’s physical status.

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Specific tests

We adjust our admission tests for the qualifications that are most in-demand. In addition to the general tests, degrees in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Classical and Modern Music require specific admission tests. Exam dates fall on specific Saturdays.


Gain admission to the Degree in Medicine with a specific biology and chemistry test, in which we assess your science skills. Start your admission process here! Find out more

Veterinary Medicine

Gain admission with an aptitude test in Biology and Chemistry, with which your admission to the course will be assessed. Start your admission process now! Find out more


Gain admission to this qualification with a biology test. Start your admission process now! Find out more