International relations office

The gateway of our university to enrich your career in the international marketplace.

An office with a defined goal, to facilitate mobility and foster the international experience of our students

We have over 20 years of student mobility experience worldwide through collaborative connections with foreign institutions.

Our office comprises an empathetic team whose main focus is the promotion of exchange programmes that not only constitute linguistic enrichment for students, but enable them to learn about the culture of the country they visit.

In an increasingly globalised world, intercultural relationships have become an indispensable tool for the promotion of communication without barriers, which is why Alfonso X El Sabio supports the implementation of such programmes.

We want to contribute to the training of future professionals in the national and international labour market.

We work with a clear and objective mission


Relationships with different universities


Relationships with official entities and organisations.


All our students towards studies and internships abroad.


The mobility of students, teachers and admin staff.


Collaboration and cooperation projects.


International initiatives undertaken by UAX.