Participate in university competitions representing UAX

Enjoy representing your university in different community, national and international championships. Experience this sporting experience with UAX.

Join, take part and exceed yourself in the different UAX sports competitions

At Alfonso X El Sabio, we promote sporting activities, which is why we count elite and high-performance athletes amongst our students.

If you’re passionate about sport, and at the same time motivated by sustained effort and constantly exceeding yourself, we’re looking for you.

One of our goals is to bring the world of professional sport to the world of university sports. To achieve this, we are expanding our partnership programme with different institutions and entities.

One example of this is our agreement with the Rugby Majadahonda Club (men’s and women’s team), where our rugby champions learn and enhance their technical and tactical capabilities, while living with professional athletes and technicians during training. 

Another example is the agreement with elite Judo athletes, which enables many of our students to observe and learn the discipline that our Olympic athletes are preparing for, a highly positive means of learning to value the effort and sacrifice that it entails.