UAX Club: your campus cafe

The best social network is a table with friends, so we’ve created a new space where you can enjoy free time in different environments.

What awaits you with your university’s new catering service?

In addition to a design and meeting space, we have create a varied, healthy and diverse range of catering for any hour of the day, with plenty of diversity to help you choose between different meals every day.

A brand new space with different settings so you can eat, work, relax and hang out amongst friends. You can also travel around the world by tasting food from different countries in themed corners.

Moreover, if you need to follow a medical diet, you can order it by delivering a prescription that we’ve created for this purpose. Our UAX catering staff are ready to offer you the healthiest food.

A different dining experience in the heart of your campus


From breakfast to dinner, this space has a wide range of dishes and meals to choose from.

Healthy Zone

The healthiest spot to eat in and enjoy natural fruit juices, smoothies, fresh fruit, salads and sandwiches.

Italian Corner

Pizzas fresh from the oven and fresh pasta - simply choose the type of pasta and sauce, and enjoy the taste of Italy.

American Corner

The perfect place to go for a quick bite before continuing with your routine. You'll find hot dogs, burritos, wraps, nachos, wings and gourmet burgers.

Asiatic Corner

Don't miss a visit to this corner, where you can travel to the Far East as you savour authentic Asian food.

Your new meeting point at university