The door to your future, now online

Discover the Alfonso X El Sabio University without leaving home. Visit online the environment where you will develop your academic future and resolve any questions you may have.

Embrace the UAX experience in first person

At UAX, we offer you a university advisor who will provide you with personalised online support so that you can meet, ask and discover everything we have prepared to ensure your successful high-quality academic development. Plus, with the latest technology, you can connect with your future teachers to share your concerns with them. 

We are pioneers in distance and quality education. With the campaign #UAXSigueOnline, we have obtained immediate results, including:

  • More than 1,800 hours of online classes
  • More than 4,600 students continuing with at-home studies from day one
  • Over 300 teachers who combine their efforts and commitment to deliver their classes remotely 

Discover everything UAX can offer you, without having to travel!

Here’s how we will organise your online orientation process:

Connect with one of our advisers

Our adviser will explain everything related to administrative processes: turnaround times for all documentation, admission tests, scholarships, etc.

Online meeting with your qualification team

Our faculty team will take care of both you and your family members’ questions, informing you all about the qualifications you want to study: entry profile, professional opportunities, international conferences, etc.

Remote completion of admission tests

If you are clear about the qualification you want to study with us, you can take the admission tests without leaving home. Our psycho-educational office will be responsible for explaining the process to you, as well as their subsequent evaluation.

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Request your entrance test now

Throughout this new experience, we are here to help bring out the best in you. During testing, we will assess your capabilities to build a customised plan, which we will use throughout the qualification to enhance your professional and personal development. In addition to the general tests, degrees in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Classical and Modern Music require specific admission tests. Of course, without having to leave home!


Degree Tests

Access a qualification that you are passionate about with a psychotechnical and personal competency test, and another English test according to the certification. Start your admission process now! Find out more

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